About – Matilda Kenttä

Matilda kenttä
1993, SE

Through my work runs a relationship between weaving and gossip, the leisure and the maintenance. The work comes from a desire to reimagine the derogatory conception of maintenance work, and the inhabitants of those spaces. Maintenance work is cleaning (sometimes for free and sometimes for money), warping, weaving, stroking, boiling, caring, collecting, washing misreading, rewriting, back and forth across floors, bodies, fabrics, shiny surfaces.
An act of kneading, rubbing, scrubbing.
In these actions gossip is flourishes. The loom is a recording device, recording wagging tongues through the yarn.

2020 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, TXT (Textile) NE)
2015 Stenebyskolan, Form and Design (SE)
2012 The College of Printmaking Arts, (SE)

2020 Summer Res(t)idency, Kunstverein, Amsterdam

2020 Closing Event Summer Res(t)idency: Making Bread into dough, Kunstverein, Amsterdam (NE)
2020 The Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Exhibition (NE)
2019 RIETVELD UNCUT, Group exhibition, with Linnea Rutz, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, (NE)
2019 Behind the Royal Palace, Group exhibition, Amsterdam (NE)
2018 Green Screen, group exhibition, Rietveld Pavillion, Amsterdam (NE)

Matilda Kenttä