10 Yards of Linen

This project was presented at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie graduation show 2020. 

Material: linen

A Respond to the first chapter of The Capital, written by Karl Marx in 1867. He writes: as the coat and the linen are two qualitatively different use values, so also the two forms labour producing them, tailoring and weaving. In today’s post-Fordist drama, her hands that weave the 10 yards of linen are no longer of economic interest. When she weaves, she is not a worker, that is the whole point in her act of weaving. It is a practice of not working. The weave could be an instrument to dismiss her will to work. Weaving is sometimes a method to say No, thank you, and she just doesn’t do it. She finds that she produces her own incapacity to even try, growing sick and depressed and motionless under all the conditions of all the capitalist yes and she just can’t. Can weaving be mentioned alongside demands for basic income? What is a work and how does one work without a market? How does she control her own access when demand fails?