The Piece Of Fabric Makes A Room for A Body, I Call That Room A Dress

Handwoven weave, fabric and dress.
Room: 139×222 cm
Book: 7,5X10 cm 
Material: Silk and Wool   

The dress is spinning around in my head, you are the loose threads trying to connect in the text i am reading. The threads make an xx when i measure the warp, we had the same beginning. To place myself by the loom. To embody the kilometers of fibers, the warp of wool and silk, so many animals. My hands go through you, i stroke all of you. The repetition of the movement of the weft slide back and forth and back and forth and warp opens and closes, the method embodies my body and mind as it weaves a piece of fabric. In this repetition i turn my back to the world and after a while. My body responds in aches, i leave the loom and I return the Following day. Cut, to cut cut cut  openings,the piece of fabric makes a room for a body, i call that room a dress. At the end of the weave the fabric begins, in the fabrics openings hangs the dress, in the dress the weaver.