Horisontal Body

10,5×18 cm 

In the autumn of 2018 I borrowed two hours of the day for reading.

My body become horizontal. I made a space for the horizontal body containing of three textile chairs and clay table.

My research and a index of my readings emerged in to a book presented in a group exhibition Behind the royal palace at Paleisstraat, Amsterdam 2018.

Horizontal body. I imagine a body in a room mostly female,  she lets her body follow the chair, she lays down. A horizontal body.

In her hand she holds a book with six sides. Like an object, like some furniture, or what it furnishes us with: desire. 

An arrangement  of flowers.

In the room she and her borrow space and time from each other. 

We write and we read.

The reader will hear the writers voice enter her, a voice demands a body. 

She is the writers vessel.