Matilda Kenttä
The Piece Of Fabric Makes A Room for A Body, I Call That Room A Dress

And your plum arms emerge from the golden and rose-pink folds of your tunics. As in the ancient literary genres.

Wooden houses, Lisa Robertson

Carrying Ice-Cream Castles

Beautiful sisters, come high up on to the strongest rocks, we are all warriors, heroines, horsewomen, eyes of innocence

Violet Dusks, Edit Södergran (1916)

Horisontal Body

Life become text starting out from my body. I am already text.

Coming to writing, Hélène Cixous


The soil of the garden slides between your teeth, your saliva moistens it, you feed m/e with it your tongue in m/y mouth.

The Lesbian Body, Monique Wittig

The Maintenance Drips, It’s Wet

What is the relationship between maintenance and freedom? What is the relationship between maintenance and life’s dreams.

Manifesto For Maintenance Art, Mierle Laderman Ukeles (1969)


Matilda Kenttä